"We have worked with Cheryl Harding and Effectiv8 for over 15 years and each time we have used her the quality of the training has superseded that last occasion - we consider this a major reason for committing to longer term agreements between our two companies.

Sales training and sales management training courses run by Cheryl are always up to date, interactive and enjoyable - Cheryl has captured the essence that "people learn better when they are happy and fully understand the outcomes they can expect".

I have the upmost respect for Cheryl as a great trainer and for her ability to completely understand her customers and ensure each course matches the expectation".
Paul Knee, Managing Director, Verathon




"Cheryl is a pragmatic and results focussed individual who is a great pleasure to work with. I first engaged Cheryl at Company-i to assist me in taking the company to “the next level”. Cheryl began working with the Executive Management Team and Senior Consultants to help them understand and develop their skills. The results were so impressive, the Sales Director engaged her to work with the sales team and I engaged Cheryl as my coach."
Mark Pennycook, CEO of Company-i, now CEO of GC Marshall



"Cheryl is a fantastic sales trainer and business coach. Unlike many sales consultants, Cheryl has hands on practical experience that gets the sales team to believe in the approaches and models discussed. Cheryl's training is very bespoke and heavily structured around the markets you work in. It opened up my eyes to a better way of selling and managing a sales team.” December 10, 2009
Paul Overton, Sales Director, Pharma