A great niche player in the datacentre space, looking to structure itself to be sold within 4 years. The business had grown organically and with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Training on management and leadership was always a "would love, but don’t have time” item.

We designed a 10 month Management & Leadership programme and made attendance volountary; the training focused on habits and behaviours. Out of 18 possible attendees we averaged 17 each month..  The goals were around retention of talent, nurturing a climate of ideas and enthusiasm and reducing the attrition rates of consultants.

We delivered 6 modules to the sales team, focused on selling complex deals and shortening the sales cycle. The module where we focused on selling value rather than day rates resulted in their highest margin contract ever.

All goals were achieved in both sales and  management & leadership. The business was sold 2 years earlier than planned.


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